Crisis Managment

Issues Management

Crises come in all shapes and sizes and usually when least expected.

From product recalls, personnel issues, accidents in the workplace, departure of key executives, explosions, fires or controversial cutbacks in the public sector, we have the experience and maturity to protect your reputation.

With nearly 40 years experience in journalism and PR working on behalf of large and complex organisations our managing director has the maturity and knowledge to minimise damage and often turn negatives into positives.

Bad news spreads fast and far thanks to social networks and an ultra sharp 24 hour media. It is vitally important for all businesses and organisations to have a strategy in place to deal with potentially damaging incidents.

We can help you prepare to handle difficult situations smoothly and professionally and put strategies in place to form a protective shield.

When bad news strikes we’ll act fast to look after the demands of the media, and communicate with employees, customers and shareholders freeing you to concentrate on the business.

First class sensitive issues management service

Verrill Public Relations have provided public relations services to Integrated Waste Management for more than five years and I can highly recommend this consultancy.

Steve Verrill has become part of the IWM team and has worked closely with directors on a range of issues. He has successfully raised awareness about the company and its services through a sustained and effective media relations campaign; designed a new corporate identity and helped the company execute the change in a seamless and positive way; provided creative marketing communications and provided a first class sensitive issues management service.

Steve has acted with integrity and professionalism throughout his engagement to our company, and his experience and mature approach has been a great benefit to us.

John Collings –
Managing Director,
Integrated Waste Management Services Ltd.