A new service has been launched by an East Yorkshire company which is revolutionising credit control for businesses.

Businessman David Reid is introducing a system which will save businesses money, improve their cash flow and even help them to win more sales.

His company – Credit Control For Business  (CCB) – uses a bespoke online system which provides a comprehensive range of services including fast and highly detailed financial information on prospective customers.

“We are offering an online system called AccountAssyst which takes credit control to a new level. Not only is it cheaper than the competition, but it is more effective.Its database can even be used to generate sales opportunities,” said David.

“It is extremely simple and quick to use while at the same time providing an array of features that are generally not available on other credit checking services.”

David, who also runs promotional goods company Promobox based at Melton, decided to launch his new business after introducing the AccountsAssyst system into his own business.

“I guess it’s a bit like the Remington advert but I was so impressed by what the system achieved for us I contacted the developers and asked if I could launch it  in Yorkshire and Humberside,” said David.

“It not only delivers the type of detailed information used by credit control professional like solicitors and debt collection agencies, but provides businesses with a start to finish credit management solution – even with built-in zero cost debt collection.

“It has saved us money and time and I’m sure there are many businesses that will benefit from its features.”

More information on CCB can be found at www.creditcontrol4business.co.uk.