A York company is throwing a lifeline to hard pressed public services and businesses with the launch of a new money saving LED lighting service.

Novalux LED  provides eco friendly lighting systems which can reduce lighting bills by up to 90 per cent.

The newly launched firm’s service is already attracting strong interest from medical centres, schools and office owners with more than £5m worth of projects in the pipeline Novalux LED Ltd has won financial backing from the European Union’s Business Enterprise Fund and the Whyte Knight Fund delivered through Business Support York and North Yorkshire.

It is the brainchild of experienced businessmen David Emslie and Nigel Codman who believe their systems will provide a massive boost to the public and private sector.

“We are convinced our service using a new generation of LED lighting will transform the financial well being of public services and businesses,” said Mr Emslie.

“The huge savings that our systems can achieve will allow schools and the NHS to spend more money on students and patient care while also creating savings for businesses to invest in growth and job creation.

“Traditional fluorescent lighting is extremely inefficient and ineffective. Our new LED systems pay for themselves in a relatively short space of time and then continue to produce savings for many years to come.

“They are also environmentally friendly, provide a better quality light and are virtually maintenance free.”

The business, based at Chessingham Park, Dunnington, is creating seven jobs initially with more to follow as the business expands.

“Initially, we are launching the service in Yorkshire with a view to expanding nationwide,” said Mr Emslie. “We are at the forefront of LED technology and one of the few firms in the UK that is providing a complete bespoke service from energy audit, through design, manufacture, finance and installation.

“So far interest in our service has been phenomenal, particularly from medical centres and the education sector who have quickly identified that they can benefit from substantial savings and then invest this money to enhance patient or student care.

“Our potential for growth is already attracting interest from investors who are aware that  the commercial LED market is set to boom, fuelled by demand for lower energy costs and the prospect that the European Union may introduce a ban on the manufacture of fluorescent tubes in the not too distant future.”

Mr Emslie added:”Until now no-one has been able to provide a fully comprehensive one-stop-shop service and we are extremely excited at the prospect of helping so many businesses and public service organisations to benefit from the LED revolution.”
More information on Novalux LED can be found at www.novaluxled.lighting