community issues and planning

Planning & Community Issues

VPR has an excellent track record in introducing complex and controversial issues to the public.

Our consultants have helped clients gain planning approval for a range of projects from multi million pound power stations to landfill sites.

In addition, the consultancy has run public information campaigns on topics as varied as the closure of council run residential nursing homes to reducing VAT on ice cream.

VPR was responsible for launching the UK’s largest and most successful community warden service based in Hull.

We have the skills and experience to communicate our clients’ messages to enable people to make informed and positive judgements on business expansion and community issues.

Continued successful media campaigns

Verrill Public Relations provided a PR service to the Yorkshire Housing group for three years and I am happy to say that during that time Steve and his team conducted successful media campaigns which helped to raise the profile of the Group across Yorkshire.

VPR were very good with reactive media, such as damage limitation on sensitive issues, and I feel that the amount of work we passed on to them – which was a large amount – was dealt with very professionally.

Migs Bryan –

Marketing and PR Officer,

Yorkshire Housing Group