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Social Media

Social media has presented businesses with a fantastic marketing tool – the trick is in being able to use it to full effect.

Nearly half of all businesses in the UK are using social media to engage with their customers, promote their products and services and ultimately increase their revenue.

An effective social media campaign can allow a business to strengthen its relationships with existing customers while at the same time reach thousands of new people, all of whom are potential prospects.

Social media can be used to drive traffic to a website, market a specific product or service, increase brand awareness.

We provide a strategic approach to generating social media audiences designed to ensure that you are communicating effectively and have the maximum opportunity to turn your followers into customers.

Our social media specialists will set up your network pages and provide training to your staff. We can also provide full content management, deliver daily updates and follower generation – all of which can be seamlessly integrated with your media relations programme.

Your campaign generated a huge amount of publicity

Your campaign generated a huge amount of publicity

The ‘Reduce VAT on ice cream campaign’ was a huge success with tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of publicity being generated over a sustained period on the back of one press release!

The coverage continues with opportunities for a three minute slot on BBC1 The One Show with five million viewers and a request for one of our members to be featured on ITV Daybreak breakfast show.

Our underlying objective was to raise awareness among the general public about the severe economic conditions that our members have to endure in order to explain and mitigate the effects on any price increases that members are forced to make on their products.

This objective is being realised with outstanding coverage at a minimal cost to the ICA.

Zelica Carr –
The Ice Cream Alliance