A powerful new market research tool is being launched in the UK and Ireland to give food and drink producers a winning edge with major retailers.

Swift Research has developed a unique approach allowing manufacturers access to a team of food and drink industry specialists plus a hand-picked panel of super-consumers who have a heightened level of product awareness.

Swift has joined forces with one of Ireland’s leading  research companies –  Amárach Research – to formulate the new package and deliver it across Great Britain and Ireland.

Alison Flannery, Managing Director of  Swift Research: said: “This new system is dedicated to giving our clients the winning edge. We believe it is the most comprehensive and potent research solution available in Europe.

“The system will prove extremely beneficial to food and drink companies who are developing new products or need assistance in attracting the attention of the major retailers.

“Our team of industry specialists will provide valuable advice ranging from identifying the most appropriate contacts in the retail sector to advising on marketing, packaging and brand positioning.

“Combined with the intelligent and articulate views from our elite consumer panel on individual products, we believe we will be able to provide our clients with an outstanding platform for success.”

Swift Research has nearly 30 years experience and works with a strong portfolio of global brands including Pepsi, Mars, McCain Foods, Yoplait and Haribo.

Amárach Research has forged a formidable reputation over the last 25 years particularly in the economic, financial and political arenas and has a growing consumer research division, working with leading brands including John West and  Heineken.

Amárach has used its considerable knowledge of the Irish business scene to identify key specialists to form its panel of experts from the food and retail sector.

They include ex-buyers, marketers, brand communication specialists, new product development executives and members of the Guaranteed Irish organisation.

They are available to consult with directly on products, strategy or development plans.

Alison Flannery said:”This panel of specialists will identify the right people to talk to and will ensure our clients’ products have all the attributes required to make their way onto the supermarket shelves.

“Products can be fine-tuned through our food lovers panel. These are people who have demonstrated a passion for all things food and drink.

“They will also be available for product testing at home and clients will be able to observe them shopping and making their selections, right through to using the products to cook a meal for their families.

“This type of research provides a meaningful insight for food manufacturers and helps them improve their products to give them greater appeal to consumers.”

The food lovers panel is also available for on-line qualitative research providing a fast and cost effective research solution.

“Our panel is ready and waiting and available for those situations where a fast result is required. We can consult our panel overnight and have results delivered to the client the next morning,” said Alison.

“It’s not a substitute for full service market research but it is aimed at fulfilling a particular need, for example, during the product development process where testing is required before moving to the next stage.”

Gerard O’Neill, Chairman of Amárach Research, said: “We believe that together -Swift and Amárach – will provide an irresistible solution to companies looking to do business in the retail sectors of both Ireland and the UK.

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