Back in the 70s when you liked something it wasn’t good, it was ace.

We didn’t take our Lambrettas (SX200 white with metallic green flashes) for a ride we had a burn….well it was the space age.

As we all moved towards the 21st century suddenly language was reversed..things were no longer good they were sick or wicked.

When I have meetings with people under the age of 30 – usually digital geeks – I get e-mails back congratulating me on an awesome meeting! Steady on chaps, I’ll settle for useful.

The English language is wonderful and it is fascinating to see how quickly it evolves. It’s a process that is getting quicker, no doubt fuelled by the internet and the superfast communications it has brought to the modern world.

Just as language has evolved so has the way businesses communicate with their customers.

Pre internet, choices were limited usually a brochure, leaflets or flyers were the staple tools and, of course, the infuriating marketing fax which used up all our paper and ink and kept the office waste bins full.

Now communication is so much easier. You can broadcast marketing information by email across the UK and indeed across continents if you have a big enough database.

Social media networks have created a wonderful way not only to inform but to engage with customers and potential customers.

And I’m pleased to say that the most cost effective weapon in the PR armoury – the press release, once only destined for print and broadcast media has now grown extra muscle and as well as hitting traditional targets it can also score heavily in the digital world.

Influencing audiences has become much more effective with press releases being being posted on online news sites with a potential global audience and their power is further enhanced by integrating them into social media campaigns.

Once online press releases have a much greater longevity than print media and can help boost your website’s rankings on Google.

It used to be that clients gave priority to coverage in printed media but now its the online presence that has become all important.

It’s easy to see why. For example, we recently issued a press release promoting our franchisee recruitment service. We achieved excellent coverage including a piece in our local paper The Press in York who also used it on their online news site.

Within hours of going live it was seen by an executive at a global corporation sitting in his Mayfair office who called me to discuss the possibility of using our service to roll out a worldwide franchising project. How powerful is that!

A single press release has the potential to generate tens of thousands of pounds worth of publicity and put a company’s products or services in front of an audience of millions all for a relatively minor investment. Press releases are definitely ace!

Steve Verrill is Managing Director of Verrill Public Relations. He has 40 years experience in journalism and PR